Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Company

We have over the years introduced measures to help minimise our impact on the environment.

Things such as recycling all our card and paper waste, minimising printed materials, and reducing the number of journeys our company vehicles have to make, have all been an ongoing strategy we have implemented in the day to day running of our business.

We have recently reviewed where we can improve our energy expenditure, having replaced all our old light fittings to more efficient LED fittings, and we will be looking at other ways to make changes that will help to reduce any of our negative environmental impact.

For the near future we will be looking to replace our fleet of vehicles to hybrid or fully electric, and strive to use more recycled materials within the business.


We support/sponsor local charities and Schools.

We have supported the Tag Rugby Trust for many years. The Tag Rugby Trust works in the UK and 8 developing countries, using rugby as a vehicle to “Build Futures” through relevant and challenging opportunities for children and adults. To find out more please visit their website.